It Sucks, But It's True
After 10 years, we have shut our doors. For our over 20,000 customers, we love you all – and hope you keep buildin’ and boostin’.

If You’ve Placed an Order, Don’t Worry – You’ll Receive It Soon!
All orders we have received will ship! We’re stand-up guys, and will keep our promise that you’ll receive your order in the next few days.

Need To Return Something?
You’ll need to hurry, as were only accepting returns through end of day on Friday, August 26, 2016. We will process all refunds before the end of August 2016.

Thanks For The Wild Ride
It’s been a blast getting to know crazy car guys all around the world – people like you who crave quality aftermarket parts. But the industry has changed over the past few years, and not for the good of quality builds. As you’ve seen, the market is flooded with crappy car parts at ridiculously cheap prices. These parts suck and will fail, but they have taken a toll on our bottom line. We won’t sell shitty car parts for no profit. Plus, several of the manufacturers we have built relationships with over the past 10 years, are now selling direct to consumers. We can’t compete with that.

Again, Thank You for Your Support!